9th of August, Field Day!

So I’ve got my Field Day ticket, and managed to book the day off work. Only when put on the spot to whether I’d be available for the other days of the week, I answered yes. Clever of me to make myself available for the day after Field Day, so the chances are I’ll be getting an early train back from the event in time for work on Sunday morning, lucky me.

However until then I’ll enjoy all the music this day has to offer, fingers crossed there won’t be stupidly excessive queues for toilets and beverages (much to the delight of any teetotallers present) like there was last year and that I manage to get within hearing distance of every act I want to check out, or indeed every act as the case may be.

Field Day Website

Here are a handful of songs from artists playing this year’s Field Day.

White Lies: Death

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Euro 2008 Distractions (Part Two)

Well, following on from Chris' impressively weak link the other day, regarding Euro 2008 and a couple of his favourite artists at the moment, I've decided to sort of do the same; simply because I've been meaning to write a post on how completely ace Thee Oh Sees are, for pretty much the last four days, but everytime I sit down with my laptop and make any kind of start on the aforementioned, thus far fictional post, I get almost immediately disturbed by either Unkle's rearrangement of Mozart's Symphony No.41, as fittingly chosen by the BBC for their coverage of Euro 2008, which is hosted in old Wolfgang's homeland, or errrr...Mozart's Queen Of The Night, as somewhat copy-cat-ingly chosen by ITV. If I'm not distracted by these, then I'm definetely distracted by either the dulcit tones of Gary "Not A Single Yellow Card In The Whole Of My Footballing Career, But You Still Wouldn't Want To Mess With Me" Lineker, or the comparitively has-been tones of Steve "Please Don't Let The F1 Go Back To The BBC, Please Bernie, I've Got Nothing Else To Live For" Rider.

So yes, hence my poor blog posting record so far, so I thought I'd post up a couple of tracks by bands that I am somewhat into at the moment, whose nations are luckily being represented in Austria and Switzerland.

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names - Funeral Face


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Euro 2008 Distractions

On a beautiful day in the West Country like today, what better way to spend it by writing another blog post! I suppose a safe bet for an early blog entry would be on music I am currently listening, or my top albums of the first half of 2008! However due to Euro 2008 my music listening has been greatly affected. I can recommend Johnny Foreigner’s and Santogold’s albums which I’ve picked up recently both have provided a distraction away from the constant football. However other then the title music for ITV and BBC’s live coverage and the odd chance to sneak a couple of tracks in the time it takes for Andy Townsend to attempt to explain a tricky offside decision there hasn’t been many opportunities to listen away. I was going to attempt to create a muxtape of classic football songs but I don’t want this blog to lose any credibility it may have started with so here instead are a couple of songs from two of my favourite up and coming female artists from countries involved in the tournament, that’s the particularly weak link...impressive.

France: Soko - Love No (Teenagers Cover)

Soko's Myspace

Sweden: Lykke Li - Let It Fall

Lykke Li's Myspace

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Latitude new artists announced..

Latitude festival is shaping up nicely. A couple of days back another handful of artists (depending on the size of your hands) were announced. I think this was an attempt by Latitude to soften the blow of M.I.A cancelling, however this is pretty painful news. So added to the line-up we have Norwegian up and comer Ida Maria, Glasgow 50's throwbacks Glasvegas, Dirty Blue Jean wearing Boat loving Jeremy Warmsley and fresh from the farce that was Eurovision song contest Sebastien Tellier. So for any Latitude goers here are a couple of tunes to whet your appetite.

Jeremy Warmsley - 5 Verses

It's my birthday!

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Finishing At The Start.

So, first post. The beginnings of Next Goal Wins; the very start.
In theory myself, Christian and whoever else we know to have an ace taste in music/whoever else we are organised enough to ask will be constantly updating this blog with our semi-journalistic/semi-academic/semi-brown-nosing posts on our favourite music and the general ongoings of our personal perceptions of the musical world.
(By the way: yes, I know that's three halves, but top heavy fractions can be a positive thing...always nice to have more, rather than less, especially where descriptions are concerned)

Coincidentally a quick flick through the headlines on
Drowned In Sound today shows us that both Reuben and I Was A Cub Scout have split up within the last few days.
This saddens me greatly, and although neither was exactly my favourite band ever, IWACS still put on a spiffing show when I saw them at the Exeter Cavern a few months back, and I was certainly looking forward to seeing Reuben at 2000 Trees, especially when I realised that there was major potential for
Frank Turner to join Reuben for their classic Deadly Lethal Ninja Assassin. Seeing good old Franky T belting the "YOUR DRESSED..." part, would almost make up for the abomination against music that is Beans On Toast headlining the main stage.

So yes, this brings me nicely on to the topic for my muxtape today:
A muxtape of songs by bands who went and split up just before they took over the world; those that left us before their time (more or less).
(Okay, so technically Reuben and Godspeed are actually on indefinite hiatuses', and you could even argue that Godspeed made it to a certain extent...front cover of the NME anyone? But lets not be fenickity about this. (Is that even how you spell fenickity?))

Capdown - Ska Wars
Million Dead - I Am The Party
Reuben - Deadly Lethal Ninja Assassin
Keiko - Surrounded! By Nazis!
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - 09-15-00 (Part Two)
I Was A Cub Scout - Save Your Wishes
Pretty Girls Make Graves - Pyrite Pedestal
Dogs Die In Hot Cars - Pastimes & Lifestyles
Help She Can't Swim! - Cut The Biography
Test Icicles - Circle Square Triangle
Life Without Buildings - The Leanover
The Format - On Your Porch

Much love.

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