Take The 'SHACKLES' Off My Feet So I Can Dance

Quit lying down on the street, Crystal Stilts are back with their own brand of broodingly intense, often anthemic, Garage Rock. Only this time they sound almost optimistic. The N.Y based band release their new single 'Shake the Shackles' on October 26th via Slumberland Records. Whether the band have been literally shackled remains to be seen, but the title proves apt for a band releasing their first single from the forthcoming follow up to 2008's Alight of Night.

The single has all the hallmarks of a Crystal Stilts track, Ian Curtis is evidently still the band's mascot, it's just this time the guitar work is a touch livelier. Who knows, this could even cause people to tap BOTH feet at future live shows. With that in mind look out for a new full-length early next year, if this is anything to go on it'll be a humdinger.


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