Inspired by Latitude

I wrote a blog earlier on our bands myspace with relation to latitude but i thought i'd reiterate away on here. Latitude was a great experience, perfect company and the weather seem to hold out pretty well. To add to this I feel pretty inspired with many of the acts I caught. If it was the lyrics of various impressive songwriters or any poetry we managed to catch it was the varied intruments and techy synth equipment some of the bands used that inspired me. I only wish I could click my fingers and I'd be clued up on all this because I dont have the first clue, I've only just got my head around an instrument I've played for over 4 years. There were varied food stalls (always tasty, if sometimes expensive) comedy and literary tents (where I caught some of my favourite comedians and found an intriguing book or 2) and d.j sets after hours, all making quite a festival. Being interviewed for local tv because of our fancy dress helped too I guess, brief celebrity status!

James Yuill - No Surprise

Cheerio, Christian.

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Jag Attack

Well, this post is a bit of a self-indulgent self-publicity on my part, but seeing as myspace simply won't let me upload any of the heavily Post-Rock influenced tracks from a recent university project of mine, because they are just too darn big, I thought I would post them here...if that's ok with you?

Enjoy :)

Track 1 - Little Girl, I Say To You Get Up!

Track 2 - ...but there might be more of them.



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