Stroud Alternative Show Does Breakfast...

The Stroud Alternative Show is back for summer...yessssss. We've even been given the opportunity to do the friday breakfast slot, which is nice. Here's a 20 minute podcast of our first attempt at being slightly more serious with our important 7-9 show, the day after Michael Jackson's death.


Christian & Gareth

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Welcome to the Walk Alone...

The Rumble Strips (also known as audio tactile profiled markings….who doesn’t know that?) are back, POW. Extra excitement is provided by the fact that the new album is produced by none other than Mark Ronson. Whose dad, despite his surname, is called Laurence. According to Wikipedia Ronson is related to Tory M.P Malcolm Rifkind. This and he’s worked with both Nate Dogg and The Kaiser Chiefs makes for quite a Christmas card list.

But between having famous connections and going out with pretty girls he’s become what the Daily Mail recently described as an ‘uber producer’. Only in Friedrich Nietzsche’s wildest dreams did he think his term would be used to describe a guy whose first hit was titled ‘ooh wee’. Stick uber in front of anything and not only does it emphasise the size and importance of what you’re referring to it also makes you sound like a tool. Still, on the evidence of this album Mark Ronson has made The Rumble Strips into…The Uber Rumble Strips, ahem.

Highlights include ‘Daniel’ and new single ‘Not the Only Person’ both catchier than any of the bands previous efforts. ‘Daniel’ in particular shows The Rumble Strips going off in a new direction, with bellowing vocals and dramatic orchestration throughout. ‘Douglas’ harks back to the sound of the 50s with slow paced Shadows like guitars, whilst bluesy ‘Dem Girls’ is another potential sing along hit.

So no ‘difficult second album’ for The Rumble Strips with this effort then. With the help of Mark Ronson ‘Welcome to the Walk Alone’ looks set to gain The Rumble Strips more commercial success, on the lines of Mystery Jets 2nd effort last year. Charlie Waller and co have returned with a more epic sound whilst keeping the sense of fun and charm that made them stand out of the crowd originally. Lovely, thanks Mark.

The Rumble Strips‘ new album, Welcome to the Walk Alone is out on July 13th.

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Got Struck By The First Volley...

Oh dear so somebody at Little Boots towers didn’t like my last blog entry on the plusses and (mostly) minuses of her new album ‘Hands’. Well here’s another Little Boots download hoho only joking. We’ve all moved on, my Little Boots review undoubtedly has become today’s chip paper and Little Boots is old news, tennis is all the rage now right?

It’s that time of year again, where the majority of BBC2’s evening coverage will be taken up by various tennis highlights from past and present. Like a first girlfriend you won’t be able to escape it for 2weeks. Then just as you think you’re getting the knack of it, it’ll end and you’ll forget what all the fuss was about. Never have I seen such an increase in the participation of one sport than Tennis in the last 2 weeks of June. As a kid I remember various epic 5set battles against my garden wall in between the busy Wimbledon schedule; as does the wall every time he see’s those runner-up trophies of his. A cruel reminder of those commanding leads he threw away.

It’s as if the sport hibernates for the rest of the year in Britain, in preparation for this event. But it really is something to look forward to. Maybe this is the year where the latest hopeful to be given a ridiculous amount of media attention and his/her own raised bit of land (see Henman Hill, Murray Mount and Rusedski Ridge) will end the tournament with more than an advertising deal with Persil.

Anyway, here are a couple of songs to ease you through any number of rain delays, and those loveable impromptu Cliff Richard sets that come with them.


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