Sellotape My Life Down.

Lazy journalism annoys me. Lazy music journalism annoys me even more.
You know the sort of thing; describing every new two-piece ever as "The White Stripes if they'd listened to more *insert arbitrary avant-garde band from the 70s*."
Using the term "post-rock" to refer to ALL instrumental bands, regardless of whether they're actually aiming to facilitate timbre and texture with their guitars,
or quite simply none of them could sing so it was just easier.

So imagine my full on annoyance every time I read another "journalist's" description of Little My as "Cardiff's answer to Broken Social Scene".
Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, WRONG.

Once you get over the fact that both bands are comprised of varying members of other bands, then the comparisons pretty much cease right there;
Little My have amongst their 15 or so part-time members, musicians from the creme de la indie creme of Cardiff and Bristol, who are "forced to play 1 - 2 minute songs whilst wearing animal ears in public."

Counting members of Los Campesinos!, Gindrinker, Sweet Baboo, The School, The Hornby Pylons and Silence At Sea amongst their number, Little My use a combination of luscious boy/girl vocals and relentlessly catchy riffs (played on any of their superb collection of instrumentation; most of which you could probably find in any half-decent primary school music lesson), to craft a sound which is delightfully twee.

Stand out track on "Little My's Fifth", "Sellotape My Hands" even features a stylophone introduction AND a brief recorder solo, and "All But The Beeps Meep" from latest offering "Little My's Sixth" builds up from a simple glockenspiel part, before emerging into a slide-guitar drenched verse, via blissfully layered stylophone and violin.

To witness Little My, is to witness twee perfection of the highest order.
So please don't compare them to anyone else.

Little My - Sellotape My Hands


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Yuill Like This Guy...

James Yuill

It seems it isn’t enough just to playing a guitar in today’s busy world of music. Something James Yuill proves only too well. His music defies genres, his remixes threaten to upstage their A-sides and he’s now getting into the business of giving much needed talks to music moguls on how to succeed in this digital age. Yuill is part of a new generation of singer-songwriters, using more than their knowledge of garage band, to combine acoustic guitars with computer technology to great effect. This movement is still waiting for a certain weekly music magazine to christen it with a name, but this hasn’t stopped Yuill from producing some of the most beautiful acoustic/synth tracks imaginable. His ‘laptop folk’ provides the perfect soundtrack to a night under the stars, however for now you may have to settle for seeing him in a club or gig venue in a town near you. Something you won’t regret.

James Yuill - No Pins Allowed

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A Blog Is For Life...Not Just for Summer

I'm afraid our blog entries have been rather staggered, or infact...non-existant as of late! This is because of Uni no doubt, the busy termtime lives we lead! There isn't a pie without a finger in it when it comes to uni activities! I've actually started a zine' as a way of spreading my thoughts to the world although this seems like what people did before blogs came around I think my first attempt has gone down pretty well. On top of this, having the internet at University usually means extra distractions. Spending to much time on youtube and myspace playing flatmates the latest amusing videos and catchy little songs is all to tempting!

Then there's our internet provider's attractive homepage. Last year MSN’s homepage became the thorn in the side of my uni work. If it wasn’t the top 10 celebrity transformations it was the interactive voting for the best album cover of all time. This year it’s more of the same with Virgin Media offering me the chance to ‘drool over the hottest guys and girls on the box’. Whether these celebrities know about this planned event is another matter. How press shots of various members of TV soaps have such prominence on the website anyway is beyond me but it isn’t half distracting.

So yes here's a couple of songs to keep you happy through the forthcoming week!

Christian :)

Late of the Pier - The Bears Are Coming

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